Privacy policy

No lawyer talk here. We want to make this simple and easy to understand. Work we do for our clients always involves combating:

  • Companies and/or individuals intruding (spam)
  • Companies and/or individuals gathering, selling, or stealing personal
        information (phishing)
  • Companies and/or individuals entering and breaking (viruses)

With the technology that surrounds us today, privacy and trust is the cornerstone of a service oriented business.

At SOS Techs, the confidentiality of your proprietary information is of upmost importance. Our clients and those requesting information about our services are always held in strict confidence. Any information pertaining to an individual or business will not be sold, traded, or disclosed to third parties, including but not limited to:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Contact information
  • Emails
  • IT infrastructure
  • Specific types of files located on computers
  • Any other action that could impede on the clients privacy.