FORTIS computers

Your time and information are important.

In this age of disposable computers and box stores, it is difficult to find a dependable high quality computer for demanding users.

SOSTechs builds professional FORTIS workstations, custom designed with value and performance in mind. SOSTechs also backs the FORTIS systems with quality service from professionals.

Finally, SOSTechs works with your ISP, Company, or Network to resolve any compatibility issues with current hardware and software.

Cases vary depending on model.
(Case shown Antec P180SE)

Home Systems

We offer three base levels of computer systems for your home. Each system can be further customized for your needs.

FORTIS Ti Series

Intel Core2Duo class

Out entry level series begins a quantum leap above the standard "box store" computer; built for durability and performance.


FORTIS Xi Series

Intel Core2Quad class

Our mid-level system is geared for the power user. Execute multiple applications with ease, watch HD video while browsing the internet and playing games. Great for multi-tasking!



Intel i7 Quad class

The most powerful home system we offer. Designed for extreme users for the highest level of performance. Great for audio/video production, high-end gaming, and the most demanding applications.


Business Systems

Running a business is all about productivity and achieving the greatest return from your investment. Your IT infrastructure should be no different.

FORTIS Ei Series

Intel Core2Duo class

Powerful, yet cost effective system.


FORTIS Si Series

Intel Core2Quad class

Promote enhanced productivity and greater flexability with our mid-level business class.



Intel i7 Quad class

Multi-tasking powerhouse system equipped with leading edge technology.


FORTIS Small Business /
Enterprise Server Series

The server is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. FORTIS servers provide longevity, expandability, durability, and performace.

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Tired of seeing the dreaded hourglass when you open programs?

 See a short video clip of a FORTIS computer loading your everyday applications.