About Us

SOS Techs is a collection of talented professionals, focused on the electronics and information technology field, servicing Wabash Valley businesses and private clientele.

Here's how:

We employ talented professionals who maintain certified proficiency in recognized programs of excellence. By working and living in the area individually for over 20 years, we have provided solutions, support and enhancements to local businesses by direct involvement instead of remote guesses. In other words, your business and it's location are important to us.

We are technology focused. We believe that the right technology implemented by professionals, provides integral tools and enables businesses to develop, improve, grow and successfully compete – even in a fierce global economy. We do not emphasize trendy sales or cut rate products – we are not computer warehouses offering inferior products.

We are business solutions focused. We take the time to assess your business for strengths and needs, free of charge. We then offer complete solutions to your business needs rather than simply selling hardware and software. We offer enhancements to your strengths, helping you to become even more effective in the marketplace. We offer 24 hour local service (onsite or offsite) to insure that your business is not left unsupported. We are a Microsoft Partner offering the entire line of Microsoft upgrades and new products. We can also evaluate new software and hardware coming to the market for effectiveness.